Cydia-LogoWe haven’t been very active lately on the topic of news; here’s 10 useful Cydia tweaks for your iDevice (links are direct to Cydia, meaning they will not open on your computer).

  1. CleverPin ($1.99) – Passcode protection made smarter (Allows you to make your passcode optional based on several factors including music playback, WiFi network currently connected, etc.)
  2. MapsOpener (free) – Open maps links in Google Maps app
  3. pandy (free, add the repository to Cydia to download) – Save songs direct from Pandora!
  4. Phantom (free) – Various Snapchat tweaks (Save snaps, extend time, send snaps from camera library)
  5. SpringQuote (free) – Display quotes from a selectable, category-based quote library at the top of your screen
  6. TetherMe ($4.99, although much cheaper than the alternative, MyWi) – Dynamically enables native tethering (It lets you use your phone as a WiFi hotspot)
  7. Unfold (free) – Neat way to unlock your phone, works with or without a passcode lock
  8. Folder Passcode (free) – Password protect your folders
  9. f.lux (free, definitely look at this) – Warms colors at night to match indoor lighting (Studies prove, the light from technology at night damages your eyes and brain!)
  10. CameraTweak ($0.99) – Adds powerful functions to the stock Camera app (Yes, there is a self-timer included)