bitcampThe University of Maryland cybersecurity team has been extremely successful at hackathons across the nation and recently decided to host their own hackathon, with a twist.

Students at UMD have decided to reinvent the hackathon, turning it into something where participants will form ideas, present them, and possibly even create a startup all in the matter of two days. As the bitcamp website puts it:

Bitcamp is a place where you combine what you’re passionate about with technology. We value participant experience and mentorship over competitiveness and points. Bitcamp is a place where you come to have fun with your friends, learn something new, eat s’mores and have a generally awesome time. We have all sorts of crazy activities planned for you . . . you’ll have to come to find out the rest!

The idea is that instead of competition to see who wins, this hackathon focuses on the technology aspect of a hackathon, encouraging participants to create disruptive technologies and providing the resources they need to make their ideas come to life. With over 20 major sponsors including AT&T, Intel, HP, and Microsoft the participants have everything they need to create something awesome.

Bitcamp 2014 is over this year; visit their website to learn more about next year’s bitcamp and register in advance.