As a college student, your life is crazy. Trying to manage a social life, academics, extracurricular activities, and an internship is extremely challenging at this point in your life. Thankfully, Tech SourceHub is here to make it just a little bit easier with these must-have apps for college students.

1. Amazonamazon

The amazon app is most definitely a necessity for every college student. Be sure to use your .edu email address to register for Amazon Prime Student ($50/year versus 80/year for free two-day shipping). Need more toilet paper? Amazon. Need a calculator? Amazon. Need a textbook? Amazon. Need drinking games? Amazon. Everything can be bought on Amazon, which is why this is our number one college student app.

Platform: iOS, Android, Web

Get it: App Store, Google Play Store

2. iStudiez Proistudiez

iStudiez Pro is the college student’s go to app for schedule/assignment management. It allows you to input your entire class schedule and add all of your assignments/due dates. You can input exam dates, regular calendar events, and holidays. iStudiez syncs to the cloud, therefore you can use it on all of your devices. They even have a PC application.

Platform: iOS, Mac, PC

Get it: App Store, Mac App Store, iStudiez Website (PC)

3. Spotifyspotify

Lets face it, music is a must have for every person, but for college students on a budget and trying to get an internship with a government agency or major corporation it’s increasingly difficult or expensive. Stealing music can cost you a good internship and purchasing it is way too expensive for the college student budget. So why not rent it? Spotify is the music streaming service from heaven. Student membership is $5.00/month with valid registration at an accredited institution (signup is really easy no worries) and you have access to a music library with over 30 million tracks. What’s not to love?

Platform: iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Web

Get it: App Store, Google Play Store, Spotify Website (PC/Mac), Spotify Web Player

Students sign up here:

4. Venmovenmo

Gone are the days of paying your friends with cash and not having the appropriate amount or trying to figure out how much you owe someone. Enter Venmo, the mobile payment solution for college students. Venmo makes paying your friends or even a complete stranger safe, secure, and easy. Simply connect your bank account or debit card (watch out there’s fees for using a card versus your bank account) and specify who you want to pay, the amount, then tap pay. You can maintain a balance in Venmo or cash it out to your bank whenever you like. You can even specify specific dollar amounts like 23.47 for the liquor run your friend just went on. No need to give them $25 bucks anymore because we all know those extra two dollars are important in a college student’s budget.

Platform: iOS, Android

Get it: App Store, Google Play Store


We’ll update this list with more apps soon!