appiconA startup at the University of Maryland in College Park is seeking to reinvent the restaurant wait experience by allowing customers to preorder their food while they’re waiting to be seated at a restaurant.

“Tabster is a waitlist management solution that allows customers to preorder their food while they wait in line and restaurants to turn tables faster” said Tabster co-founder Nick Bentley.

Tabster is a two-part system, the customer utilizes a client application on their phone to select a restaurant and preorder their food and the restaurant utilizes a tablet application on hardware provided by Tabster to manage their waitlist and send Tabster preorders to the kitchen. Tabster uses a specialized algorithm to send preorders to the kitchen “just-in-time.”

We like Tabster because it shows promise in revolutionizing an industry that is typically very resistant to change. Bringing technology into the dining experience is paramount to the future of the restaurant industry; count us in on the beta when it’s released!