namecheap_logoSo you’re in the market for a domain name and you can’t decide which registrar to choose from. We’re here to help in your quest by providing you a review of Namecheap as we’ve experienced them.

This is part of a new series called “An Honest Review” in which we’ll be reviewing products and services to the best of our abilities, ultimately making a decision on whether or not they’re worth purchasing.

We’re going to structure these reviews with a short summary to start out, followed by pros and cons, leading to a short anecdote about our experience, and finally closing with our suggestion – to purchase or not to purchase.


Namecheap has been around for quite a while, they offer the usual plethora of services including domains, hosting, SSL, email, and more. They’ve recently gained quite a bit of traction through a massive rebranding campaign & are increasingly targeting the younger generation/startup phase companies through aggressive social media campaigns and connections to educational resources like the GitHub Education Pack.


Pros (in our tests, we’ve only used Namecheap for domains thus far, and cannot comment on hosting or other services)

  • We’ve found that their new interface is extremely easy to use, intuitively designed, and visually pleasing.
  • We love the new logo.
  • Customer support is very attentive and contact options are numerous (phone, live chat, email).
  • All of your basic domain tld’s are offered (com, net, biz, org, co, etc.) with the addition of many new tld’s.
  • They offer an API that makes it extremely easy to resell domains and other services.
  • They don’t price-gouge you like some other registrars do & they support worthy causes on occasion (Move Your Domain Day).
  • For the most part, transfers and new domain registrations proceeded quickly & without error.


  • Sometimes the interface doesn’t work, i.e. we couldn’t get our nameservers to update the first several times. (eek!)
  • We experienced some slowness occasionally.
  • Customer support, while attentive, sometimes doesn’t quite understand your issue or take the most direct route to a solution.
    • We had to get in touch with them regarding multiple issues with domains over the course of two days and it took them several times to resolve the problem.

Is Namecheap as a Domain Registrar worth it?

As a domain registrar, we would recommend Namecheap. They have everything you need, they’re mostly reliable, they have good pricing and they seem to genuinely care about their customer base.